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Wrapped liquid staked Ether 2.0 (wstETH)

wstETH is a wrapped version of stETH. As some DeFi protocols require a constant balance mechanism for tokens, wstETH keeps your balance of stETH fixed and uses an underlying share system to reflect your earned staking rewards.

0.063417 BTC1.158806 ETH
1.33%$36,489,988.00--$19,968,514.55   14,201

izumi Token (iZi)

izumi Finance is a platform providing programmable Liquidity As A Service (LaaS) on Uniswap V3 and Multi-chains, aimed to become the next-generation LaaS to support the future of on-chain liquidity.

0.000000 BTC0.000004 ETH
-1.23%$469,240.00--$304,782.80   9,677

Wrapped Ether (WETH)

wETH is "wrapped ETH".

0.000000 BTC0.000000 ETH
--$0.00--$0.00   66,911
0.000000 BTC0.000000 ETH
--$0.00---   1,636

Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC)

Kyber is a blockchain-based liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application.

0.000012 BTC0.000217 ETH
5.95%$36,972,990.00$133,385,706.00   $34,189.08   2,344

LUSD Stablecoin (LUSD)

Liquity is a collateralized borrowing protocol which is immutable and governance free. Borrowers lock ETH and issue a stablecoin, LUSD, for a one-time borrowing fee with zero interest.

0.000016 BTC0.000291 ETH
0.14%$4,881,013.00$142,599,797.00   $219.13   58

Balancer (BAL)

Balancer is a n-dimensional automated market-maker that allows anyone to create or add liquidity to customizable pools and earn trading fees. Instead of the traditional constant product AMM model, Balancer’s formula is a generalization that allows any number of tokens in any weights or trading fees.

0.000082 BTC0.001506 ETH
2.64%$9,808,594.00$285,357,320.00   $361.28   329

Curve DAO Token (CRV)

Curve is an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum. Curve is designed for extremely efficient stablecoin trading and low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost.

0.000010 BTC0.000186 ETH
5.58%$85,630,485.00$726,180,068.00   $247.95   10

PancakeSwap Token (Cake)

PancakeSwap is a yield farming project whereby users can get FLIP (LP token) for staking and get CAKE token as reward. CAKE holders can swap CAKE for SYRUP for additional incentivized staking.

0.000051 BTC0.000927 ETH
2.28%$117,370,266.00$767,556,762.00   -   1

Aave Token (AAVE)

Aave is an Open Source and Non-Custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits & borrow assets. It also features access to highly innovative flash loans, which let developers borrow instantly and easily; no collateral needed. With 16 different assets, 5 of which are stablecoins.

0.001741 BTC0.031817 ETH
2.32%$144,689,111.00$1,608,842,995.00   $109.06   9

Rocket Pool ETH (rETH)

Rocket Pool is a decentralised Ethereum Proof of Stake pool.

0.060262 BTC1.101172 ETH
0.58%$54,394,972.00$2,090,084,103.00   $71,719.12   1,682

Dai Stablecoin (DAI)

Multi-Collateral Dai, brings a lot of new and exciting features, such as support for new CDP collateral types and Dai Savings Rate.

0.000016 BTC0.000291 ETH
--$209,619,569.00$5,025,745,386.00   $583,943.06   25,476

Uniswap (UNI)

UNI token served as governance token for Uniswap protocol with 1 billion UNI have been minted at genesis. 60% of the UNI genesis supply is allocated to Uniswap community members and remaining for team, investors and advisors.

0.000184 BTC0.003358 ETH
2.07%$483,712,785.00$8,672,759,377.00   -   2

Wrapped BTC (WBTC)

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. Completely transparent. 100% verifiable. Community led.

1.001533 BTC18.300948 ETH
2.94%$367,485,257.00$9,785,549,731.00   $3,262,144.71   20,018


USDC is a US dollar-backed stablecoin issued by Circle. USDC is designed to provide a faster, safer, and more efficient way to send, spend, and exchange money around the world.

0.000016 BTC0.000291 ETH
-0.31%$8,077,562,285.00$28,920,347,635.00   $29,697,338.56   285,308

Tether USD (USDT)

Tether gives you the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency by converting your cash into a stable digital currency equivalent.

0.000016 BTC0.000292 ETH
0.07%$78,495,803,318.00$98,924,830,293.00   $10,518,299.43   109,629
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